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Creative and adventurous ex-professional gamer with a passion for game design,currently completing my studies abroad. With extensive experience collaborating with individuals, indie studios, and large emerging studios, I specialize in bringing your visions to life using Unreal Engine 5. My expertise lies in Level Design, including artistic and technical aspects that normal Level Designers wouldn't carry, such as understanding color composition, nanite and world partioning, and understanding level flow. I have successfully trained and led numerous artists, demonstrating my leadership and mentorship abilities. I am confident that a conversation will reveal how well I can complement your team and contribute to your projects!

For me, creating levels and bringing an idea to life is more than just a job, it's a passion that ignites the imagination and inspires us to create the impossible.

4+ Years of Experience

My Resume

Degree + Certificate Based

My Professional Education

Bachelor Of Theology And Religious Studies

Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (2020 - Present)

This degree provides valuable insights into the cultural and historical contexts that shape people's beliefs and values, as well as enhances a designer's ability to communicate effectively and empathetically with diverse groups of people, and leads to more successful collaborations and designs.

Certified Professional Networker

Truckee Meadows Community College (2019 - 2020)

Being certified in networking allows me to have a greater understanding of the security, and general structure of the pipeline. In addition, it allows me to self-troubleshoot many of the problems I would otherwise have to ask assistance for tech-related.

Advanced Highschool Diploma

Highschool (2016 - 2019)
4.63/4 GPA
Non-Degree Based

My Self-Taught Education

Online Non-Credit Classes


Despite deviating from traditional paths, I pursued my professional development through online courses and self-directed education. This approach facilitated a personalized learning experience at a self-regulated pace, fostering a more targeted acquisition of knowledge.

Professionals In Field

(2016 - Present)

Despite its unconventional nature, I have acquired the skillset of world-building and creative-design through the tutelage of proficient modders. These individuals have invested close to a century in the art of modifying the worlds of our beloved games while simultaneously being some of its most ardent admirers.

2020 - 2023

My Professional Experience

For Entire List, See Resume.

I have completed a lot of small contracts, as well as large ones, but It can't all fit on the same page!

Senior Environment Artist


Completed UNDISCLOSED map, and currently leading of two artists for second UNDISCLOSED map.

Senior Environment Artist (Contract)

Fractional Uprising Studios

Completed Entire Fantasy Stylized Battle-Royale Map (In Current Phase), Completed Battle-Royale Lobby Map, Optimized maps with Nanite, Level-Streaming, LODs, and Foliage modifications.

Environment Artist

WorldBLD (Contract)

Completed a full Realistic Manhattan-inspired environment alongside the owner of WorldBLD.

Lead Level Artist

Tryhard Dev Studios (3 YEARS)

With over 15,000 players, my role was to lead the way in creating each and every environment that the players would explore and traverse, while also training and managing my team of artists.

Level Design & Environmental Art

Freelance (2018 - Present)

Although it may be only freelance, It allows me to be able to join multiple projects at once and let my creativity wander to once unknown places.

Community Manager

FaithGaming - Christian Gaming Community

With over 1,500 members and active for 5 years, I experienced a plethora of games, and created many diverse friendships from many different backgrounds.

My Side Projects


ShadowHunt: CardGame

Currently In Development

Shadowhunt is a twist on modern-day card games, taking inspiration from games such as hearthstone and skyrim. The goal of this project is to create a shadow-like card game that is both competitive and possible to play casually for all people.

SplinterCell Inspired


SplinterCell-Inspired Project is a project that uses assets and combines them all to make a playable game level, voice acted by me and my fiancee. This project was an attempt at making a playable stealth level with inspiration from Splintercell, a beloved game of mine growing up.

Divine Journey: Moses

Personal Passion Project

Divine Journey: Moses is a game where you take on the life of moses, exploring egypt as it once was, and embarking on a spiritual journey through time. This game is being developed by me solely when I have free-time to work on it as a way to grow my skillset.

Design Career

Development Achievements

3,000,000 + Views of my art

Youtube, Discord, and more.

My zone creation during my time at tryhard dev studios has amassed to over 3 million views and counting on my work done. This also includes my freelance work done for other parties.

Recognized Art

From Professionals

I have been complimented on my work from many professionals as well as having my artwork displayed by other youtubers and groups. In addition, my style has forever left a mark in the communities that I have been a part of.

Gaming Career

Gaming Achievements

League Of Legends


Reached Emerald within League of Legends and felt no desire to continue further. While I was climbing I felt that the system was deliberately rigged to make you waste as much time as possible from the matchmaking system.

Starcraft 2


Reached Grandmasters in Starcraft 2, and in addition played in multiple Esport tournaments and played against wonderful people such as Dragon, Nathanos, and LiquidSnute.

Call of Duty


I had achieved the second highest rank in Call of Duty, but had stopped afterwards.


Ranked top 20,000 Worldwide During Chapter 1

I had played fortnite since the start of season 3, however I did not have an interest competitively in it until the end of season 8 to which I then played competitely for a chapter but later quit due to lack of interest.


Contact With Me


Elijah Ketchersid

Level Designer And Environmental Artist

I am available for freelance work :)! Connect with me via email or phone and i'll respond to you asap!

Phone: +32 468 53 49 48 Email: inquiry@elijahketchersid.com